Thursday, January 13, 2011

Other Security & Protection Products

Other security and protection products are comprised of alarms and self defense supplies. Many other security and protection products are used for garage and vehicle security such as ground anchors, high security chains, garage door defenders, garage door locks and handles and vehicle Armaplates. For access control and alarms, many security and protection products are used such as alarm systems, wire free alarm systems, audio & video door entry kits, door phones, door chimes, video telephone entry, Era Locca, and Yale alarms etc. For door security, other security and protection products consist of products like door chains and viewers, door closers, door handles, escutcheons, ironmongery, finger plates and kick plates and knob sets etc. Other security and protection products for key cabinets and key safes include outdoor key safe, key cabinets, value range, digital key cabinets, key safe outdoor, key safe boxes,  external secure key, storage key safe, deep key cabinets, key vault cabinets, high security cabinets, floor key safes, slam shut key cabinets, property manager, systems key cabinets, key view cabinets, vehicle & property rental key cabinets, padlock storage, emergency exit key boxes and spares and retractable key reels etc. All types of security and protection products and devices are being upgraded by leading companies on regular basis. 

Lock & Safes

In all security and protection devices, lock and safes are divided into a few categories such as key, lock parts, locks, safes and locksmith supplies. Scores of different types of locks and locking devices are available all over the world. The most common types of locks include Zeiss, warded lock, wafer tumbler lock, turner lock, tubular pin tumbler lock, time lock, security door locks, rim lock, RFID, protector lock, police lock, pin tumbler lock, padlock, magnetic lock, magnetic keyed lock, luggage lock, lever tumbler lock, keycard lock, electronic lock, electric strike, disc tumbler lock, deadbolt, cylinder lock, cruciform lock, combination lock, Chubb detector lock, child safety lock, chamber lock, cam lock, and biometric lock and bicycle lock. All of these locks are manufactured for the desired purpose of safety and protection. In locksmithing, many technical expressions and technical jargons are used to refer different stages of work such as slim Jim, shear line, tubular lock pick, rekey, tension wrench, master keying, Maison key system, key relevance, key origination, key code, key blank, change key, bolt stump, and bitting etc. General types of locks are warded locks, warded locks, Wafer-tumbler lock, wafer locks, tumbler locks, tubular locks, pin-tumbler lock, laser track" car locks, electronic locks, dimple locks, 3.1.3 lever locks, and Yale's original cylinder lock

Firefighting Supplies

Firefighting supplies comprise all items, products, tools and equipments that are used during and after firefighting operations. Firefighting supplies include fire alarm, fire alarm control panel, fire blanket, fire extinguisher, fire extinguisher powder, fire hose, fire hydrant, fire suit, firefighting equipment, heat detector, lightning rod and smoke detector and other firefighting supplies. A number of firefighting equipments and fire extinguishers are used during firefighting. Common examples of firefighting equipments are carbon flash hoods, climbing helmets, face mask, hand tools (including hydraulic rescue tools, flashlight, flat-head axe, pike pole, pick-head axe, Halligan bar, spanner wrench, cutters edge etc.), helmet, visor, Nomex, PASS (personal alert safety system device), PPE (personal protective equipments), bunker gear, safety boots, safety gloves, SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus), and thermal imaging camera etc. FSES (fire safety evaluation system) is also used all over the world in order to evaluate buildings' fire protection and safety. Firefighting supplies also include firefighting vehicles and attached units. Vehicles are also very important for firefighting. Examples of firefighting units and vehicles include dive or marine rescue unit, fire investigation unit, fire police unit, fire trucks, hovercraft, hydro-copters, operational support unit, rescue and firefighting robot, rigid-hulled inflatable boats, squad/utility unit and tracked vehicle as well. 

CCTV Products

CCTV camera stands for closed-circuit television camera. There are many types of CCTV cameras including analogue video cameras, digital video cameras, network cameras and digital still cameras. CCTV products are categorized into same type of products and items e.g. CCTV accessories, CCTV camera, CCTV camera housing, CCTV DVR, CCTV lens, CCTV monitor, CCTV system, DVR card and other surveillance products. CCTV cameras are generally mounted as security cameras. There are many types of security cameras such as bullet security cameras, dome security cameras, dummy security cameras, hidden spy cameras, infrared illuminators, infrared security cameras, IP security cameras, license plate capture, megapixel IP cameras, pro security cameras, PTZ security cameras and varifocal security cameras. CCTV cameras and other security devices and equipments are operated by following different security camera systems such as surveillance DVRs, IP camera systems, iPhone surveillance systems, NUUO surveillance systems and Alnet surveillance systems etc. CCTV cameras are composed of various parts and components that are: Camera package (including camera body, lens, mounting bracket, AC adapter, cable), combiners (including quad splitter, video switcher and multiplexer), monitors (including single monitor, quad splitter built-in observation monitor, sequential switcher built-in observation monitor), video recorders (including time lapse VCR, DVR-digital video recorder), web cameras (including web camera server, DVR web camera server, PTZ speed dome), many other equipments and accessories (including outdoor housing case with mounting bracket, pan or tilt, motion sensor, , time & date generator, IR illuminator and video capture card). 

Access Control Systems & Products

Access control systems and products are normally classified into more security specific products and security devices such as access control card, access control card reader, access control keypad, access control system, audio door phone, EAS system, facial recognition system, fingerprint access control, video door phone and other access control products as well. Many common instruments and devices are designed to provide us needed security and safety. These safety instruments and security devices include air soft guns, defense sprays, home security devices, personal alarms, personal security devices, safety lights, scanners, stun guns and tasters etc. The subject of security in the world of information technology is divided into many categories such as application security, computing security, data security, information security and network security. In politics and political sciences, the concept of security has been divided into five major categories which are homeland security, human security, international security, national security, and public security. Aviation security and operations security are also the other types of security. In physical terms, security has been divided into nine broad categories including airport security, port security (also called supply chain security), food security, home security, hospital security, physical security, school security, shopping centre security, and infrastructure security. There is a wide range of access control systems and products available in the market and can be easily purchased by licensed security companies.